Minimum order: 10,000 pieces

Kids Mask

    • High particle filtration and virus filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration (BFE), efficiency up to 95% (test report results are more than 98%)
    • Three-layer protection design, made of low-sensitivity ultra-soft texture materials
    • Very high air permeability, close to the face contour design, comfortable to wear
    • Fully automatic production, safe and reliable
    • Specifications-GB/T38880-2020
    • ISO9001 and ISO13485 mask production approval
    • Packing: every 5 pcs/ packs (individual packing); 50 pcs; 40 boxes
    • SIZE for children: 145 mm × 95 mm
    • Product Code: FE2411X
    • Brand: BYD
    • Country of Origin: China

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